Pure love! It is that simple. These two awesome people shared a pure love between them that was so refreshing to see. Steve and Cindy got married at their beautiful home in Arlingham. It was a gorgeous summers day and the location was perfect. Two families watching their parents get married was lovely to witness. Flowers were an important part of the day and as you can see, they were not short of pretty flowers. Steve had picked two roses from the garden for them to swap during the ceremony. You could tell how much family and friends means to these guys as they were close to everyone there. Once they had enjoyed the super funny and thoughtful speeches we headed off down to the riverside of the Severn for some portrait pictures. We had a stunning sunset which I just had to use. We met a local trying to enjoy some peace and quiet but he made for a lovely stand in bridesmaid so Tim became a fun part of their wedding day. Rumour has it, he is still cycling around Arlingham trying to find where he lives. What a great day this was and what a couple they are. If you are getting married at home then I would love to hear about it.